Hawthorne Arts Partnership

Our Arts Partnership program has a 20+year history with HSA. The PTA provides significant funding for a resident artist to collaborate with and create a cohesive educational unit for grades K-8, incorporating artistic expression throughout the entire process. Each grade will host a truly special evening event specific to their project called a Showcase, where the children lead you through this amazing adventure. Example themes have included "Solids, Liquids and Gases," "Chicago Neighborhoods," "Greek Mythology", "Canterbury Tales" and unique 8th grade plays. 

Save the Date: Arts Partnership Showcases 2023-24
Save the date for your student's showcase! Please note dates are subject to change.

Kindergarten: March 21
First Grade: April 19
Second Grade: March 14
Third Grade: April 25
Fourth Grade: February 15
Fifth Grade: February 1
Sixth Grade: January 31
Seventh Grade: December 13
Eighth Grade: May 16