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  • PTA helps fund staff: HSA spends its entire CPS budget on staffing, but unfortunately those funds do not cover all of HSA’s staffing needs. Small group instruction is so important for our students. The PTA funds help fill the gap in funding for extra staff members which keeps class sizes small.
  • PTA fundraises: The PTA organizes yearly fundraisers such as Walk-a-Thon, the HSA Gala and numerous other community/business partnership fundraiser events. The PTA also set up the HSA annual business sponsorship program, which relies on the generous support of local businesses who support our school.
  • PTA supports HSA students: The PTA creates and sponsors fundraising efforts of HSA students, their community service efforts, and subsidizes student field trips, including 7th and 8th grade class trips. The PTA also contributes to school supplies and 8th grade graduation festivities.
  • PTA helps fund student technology: The PTA helps fund critical online programming that our students use, including Brain Pop, IXL, Raz Kids, Newsela,, Amplify Science, and Wordly Wise. The PTA also subsidizes technology devices such as iPads, Chromebooks, and speakers for music room.
  • PTA supports teachers: The PTA provides Report Card Pickup luncheons for teachers and staff and organizes Teacher Appreciation events.
  • PTA funds school equipment: The PTA supplies funds for the copy machines throughout the school building. It also supports uniform purchases for our school sports teams.
  • PTA helps fund the Arts Partnership Program: The PTA provides significant funding for a resident artist to collaborate with and create a cohesive educational unit for grades K-8, incorporating artistic expression throughout the entire process. Each grade then hosts a truly special evening event specific to their project called a Showcase, where the children lead attendees through this amazing adventure.
  • PTA sells Spirit Wear: Throughout the year, the PTA sells spirit wear through vendors and online on the PTA website. The money raised helps support the school and allows students and parents to show their HSA pride.
  • PTA organizes fun school activities: The PTA helps organize school events such as the Kindergarten Picnic, First Day of School Meet & Greet, Family Fun Fest, Family Movie Nights, Annual Walk-a-Thon, Chicago Fire Soccer Family Night, Chicago Bulls Family Night, Holiday Craft Fair, Annual Raffle, and the Annual Spring Gala.

PTA Membership

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Each year we ask our HSA community members to join the Hawthorne Scholastic Academy PTA. PTA membership is valid for the current school year and must be renewed each year to remain active. 

Your donations keep the Hawthorne PTA functioning and pay our Illinois PTA membership dues. There is NO obligation to volunteer or attend meetings!

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There are two easy ways to join or renew your membership. Membership is $20 per family and $10 for teachers/staff:

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