Welcome to Hawthorne Scholastic PTA! We are lucky to have a committed and engaged community of educators and families always interested in helping to support our children.

Our PTA provides funding for a wide range of expenses and programs for the school that allows close to 98% of Hawthorne's budget to go toward teacher and staff salary. We work every year to protect our academic programming amid dwindling CPS funding. Without a strong commitment from our school community, we would be faced with even tougher choices in our classrooms. The time given by parents is as important as the dollars raised by students and parents toward improving the education at Hawthorne. 

The Hawthorne community's talent and generous donations helped the PTA sponsor community-building events and provide our teachers and students with much-needed items throughout the 2022-2023 school year:

  • Supported teacher and staff position funding
  • Assisted with Kindergarten Aide Fundraising efforts
  • Supported 8th grade graduation activities
  • Supported the Arts Partnership Program
  • Sponsored student council candygrams, community service efforts, and field trips
  • Sponsored jerseys for sports teams
  • Sponsored teacher supplies (primary, technology, music, security)
  • Sponsored Principal Appreciation
  • Sponsored Metropolis Coffee Sales & Dominoes Pizza sales
  • Sponsored school supply kit ordering
  • Sponsored last day of school pizza party

About the HSA PTA