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Our Spring Auction has several fundraising components...

  • School-Wide Raffle
  • Online Auction
  • Signature Events
  • Teacher Events
  • Live Auction Items

Why do we need the Spring Auction?

We need this event to raise important financial support for our school!  

A few examples of what the dollars we raise at this event can do:

  • Ensure we can continue to bridge the monetary gap of decreased federal, state and city funds.​

  • Allow our children to continue with Math & Reading class size of 20:1 (vs 32:1).

  • Allow Kindergarten classes to maintain dedicated full time aides to each class of 32 five-year-old students.

  • Provide our front office with a dedicated staffer.  (Without whom our Principal & Vice Principal would be buzzing in visitors, writing tardy slips, calling home with sick kids, assisting families with late lunch/homework & instrument drop off and many other time consuming tasks!)

  • Quickly replace non working air conditioning units in our building and other unexpected expenses that we face.

  • Continue the successful Arts Partnership Program that bring us the beautiful "Showcase Nights" where we see the results of traditional curriculum taught in uniquely creative ways with professional artists.

  • And many other initiatives and support of Hawthorne's daily budgetary requirements.

It's time to REGISTER for The Gala 2019. 

Why register for a free event? Good question.  You MUST register and  enter your credit card information into our online system to be able to buy drinks at the event, bid on live and silent auction items, events hosted by HSA teachers, events hosted by HSA parents, have your message on the HSA marquee AND participate in the Heads or Tails Raffle!
Save time at the event and buy drink tickets NOW when you register.

We look forward to seeing all HSA parents on Friday, March 22 at The Gala 2019!

Friday, March 22, 2019

Architectural Artifacts - 4325 N. Ravenswood

2019 Gala Fundraising Chairs:

Melanie Walsh

Christina Elfvin