2014 is off to an exciting start with New Recycling Program

The Hawthorne Green Team strives to “Respect Our Environment” the HSA Way through school-wide recycling,lunchroom multi-stream recycling (including composting), edible gardening, and other environmentally focused projects that engage both students, families and staff.

  • WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!   Help with lunchtime coverage to assist kids with recycling from Oct 20 through Nov 7.    Sign up to help here: http://vols.pt/6ZDdso.  They are very short stints, so don’t be shy about signing up for multiple slots! 

  • WE NEED BROWN MATERIAL (dry leaves and light yard waste) to feed our compost bin.  Clean up your yard and contact Laura Maye at info@edibletypebooks.com to donate

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Chair persons:

Jackie Medina and Suzy Persons


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